What's YOUR take on this?

    11-yr old boy amazing past life recall

    11-year old James Leininger can remember when his WWII plane was shot down by the Japanese. He recognized his WWII war buddies and spotted, unaided, the place where his plane went into the water.
    Makes a compelling case for believing in past lives.
    What’s your take?

    Beneath an angry sky, awash with wailing winds

    A storm surrounds us.

    The thunder of broadcast media shakes the airwaves, the lightning of headlines fills the screens.
    A constant rain of soundbites and pundit commentary punctuates every event.

    Like hail stones the news stories pound on us, while the powerful winds of opinion sweep the skies.
    In such chaos and cacophony, how can we hear our thoughts? Amidst such maelstrom how can we clear our minds?

    My words cannot compete with the hurricane. My words are spoken gently, like whispers in a storm.

    Feel free to with me.

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The crappier the movie, the bigger the Box Office

Looking at the list of recently released movies, I see a really ironic trend. It seems that the higher the rating a movie gets on the tomatometer, the lower-grossing that movie will be at the Box Office. The obvious conclusion: Aim for crap! Eskew quality! Run from art!
Makes you think of The Producers, doesn’t it? [...]


Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

I can’t believe I did not have more exposure to Warren Zevon in the nineties. I loved his classic about getting into trouble while on vacation “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money,” but I never pursued his work beyond that (I guess I never cared for Warren’s Werewolves in London, which kinda dead-ended me back then.) [...]


Dumb warning labels

Here’s a quick follow-up to my dumb laws and odd customs post:
I found a site that lists dumb warning labels. Check it out.

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger Hunt: Bush Out, Obama In.

Scavenger Hunt!
Ok boys and girls; for this scavenger hunt we’re using TVTropes as our playground.
Bush is not dead (some vague analogy to Saddam Hussein circa 1991 comes to mind. Is that wrong?)  The recent rejection of Obama’s stimulus package by every single Republican in the House reflects this.
Ontological Inertia
We still have the Patriot Act, [...]


Cantares (dedicado a Antonio Machado) - Joan Manuel Serrat

Everything passes and everything stays,
But our fate is to pass,
to pass making a path,
a path upon the sea.
I never chased after glory,
nor sought to leave my song
in the memory of men;
I love the weightless, gentle
and subtle worlds -
worlds like soap bubbles.
I like to see them get painted over
by sun and grain, to fly
under the blue skies, to [...]