Band From TV, with Teri Hatcher, Jorge Garcia

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As a sort of follow-up to my Hugh Laurie tribute post earlier today, here’s a shoutout to Band From TV. I gotta say, as much as Hugh rocks, the one that stands out the most is Bob Guiney (formerly of Bachelorette.) Greg Grunberg (Heroes) came up with the concept. The band raises funds for the [...]

Burning Man Beckons

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That’s it - next year I’m totally going.

See slideshow (SFgate.com)

Hugh Laurie cracks me up

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I rcently was watching an old British comedy show with Rowan Atkinson when I went “hold on, hold on - I know that voice.” I was always amazed at Jen’s uncanny ability to recognize actors just from their voice; from voiceovers, narration, radio commercials, an ability I don’t usually have. But soon enough Google and [...]

Dumb laws and odd customs

Jan 31st, 2009 | By Editor | Category: Geology, Humor, Math, Politics, Religious studies, The way we live, Uncategorized

On the subject of morals, customs, mores, and the relative nature of right and wrong: It is often the case that what is “right” in one culture, one time, is totally “wrong” in another culture, or at another time.
Nothing proves this better than dumb laws: laws that surely must’ve made some sense to someone somewhere, [...]