Obama 2.0

Jan 29th, 2009 | By Editor | Category: Featured article, Leadership, Making things better, Memes and Archetypes, Politics, U.S.

Today I’m reading an interesting article about Obama 2.0 - a newly-coined word to describe the President’s vast lobbying and campaigning network as it redefines itself post-election.

Of course some republicans are quick to cast aspersion and raise doubt (shocking no one.) I really hope that this amazing Web 2.0-ingrained, social-network driven machine is well used and well supported, as it can be a tremendously empowering new approach at democracy in action.

I hope the DNC doesn’t screw it up. I sneer at the “DNC insider” quoted in the article, who of course is quick to take partisan ownership of Volunteers of America.

The article’s reference of Blue Dogs sent me to my Wikipedia, where I found that they’re sort of the political offspring of the Reaganomics-friendly Boll Weevils. It also referenced Yellow Dogs, which made me have to dig deeper still (damn you Wikipedia! jk) I found this enlightening, made me think of the not-quite-a-meme-yet phrase “socially liberal, fiscally conservative” which I heard thrown around a few months back - a badge I would metaphorically wear. Ironically, when I attempted to register solifico as a domain for such a trend I found someone had already beat me to it.

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