Scavenger Hunt: Bush Out, Obama In.

Jan 30th, 2009 | By Editor | Category: Memes and Archetypes, Politics, Scavenger hunts, The way we live, U.S.

Scavenger Hunt!

Ok boys and girls; for this scavenger hunt we’re using TVTropes as our playground.

Bush is not dead (some vague analogy to Saddam Hussein circa 1991 comes to mind. Is that wrong?)  The recent rejection of Obama’s stimulus package by every single Republican in the House reflects this.

Ontological Inertia
We still have the Patriot Act, we still have a problem with Habeas Corpus. And obviously we still have the  careening apple cart that we used to affectionately call the U.S economy.

What other Tropes can you think of?

Please post them below as comments!

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