Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Jun 15th, 2009 | By Editor | Category: Music

I can’t believe I did not have more exposure to Warren Zevon in the nineties. I loved his classic about getting into trouble while on vacation “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money,” but I never pursued his work beyond that (I guess I never cared for Warren’s Werewolves in London, which kinda dead-ended me back then.) Now, all these years later, I’m finding a whole body of work that is just amazing.

I just listened to “Don’t let us get sick” - which led me to explore a bunch of other songs.

Zevon wrote Mohamed’s Radio while stating in a small town during Halloween, and seeing a kid dressed as an arab and carrying a radio. Here he is in concert, playing “Excitable Boy

Here’s Warren’s friend Billy Bob Thornton talking about one of Warren’s last sessions, recording “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” with his friends.

Lastly, here’s tribute to the sound of Warren’s “Keep Me In Your Heart

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